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Welcome to the!

We are an importer of scooters, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Mini Motorcycles etc. We carry brand ZIDA! While we are trying to make our bikes as affordable as possible to the public, we are always trying our best in quality controls in every aspect: from extremely careful in choosing the best manufacturer available, to conduct field-test ourselves, to inspect each bikes before shipping, and strengthen the packaging for shipment.


We really value scooter parts which makes us different from other competitors. From day 1 when we started our business, we had realized that the merchandise we sell needs full line parts service supply. Even for discontinued bikes we still keep the parts in stock for customer who bought the bikes from us before. We know once you get in troubles without proper parts your scooter will become meaningless. Without fully prepared parts, warranty is in vain.


When you make a purchase, keep these points in your mind:

1,How many years is the company in business? (In case after several months of your purchase, out of business may leave you in a frustrating situation)

2,In order to make sell, most of companies claim that they have full line parts, But where are the parts? Dont wait the time when you need the parts then you realize they dont carry parts at all.

3,Some companies dont even have inventory, they have a web which promise anything they can to get your business, After getting your order, they will give the order to somebody else. This order is called Drop-shipping. You can imagine what kind of service they can offer you?

4,Some companies carry cheap price bikes, quality is not even ok, is very poor! Make purchase wisely; dont only pay attention to price, but quality and other stuff. It will be much better for you to do your homework and consulting your friends.

5,We see the companies claim that one year warranty only for engine, some company even says two year warranty only for engine. Let us tell you the truth: the engine is hardly going wrong in first couple of years, but other parts will be needed before engine goes wrong. Warranty actually comes from profits, right now retail China made bike profit is about 10-15%, some even less. Is that logic to you that these thin profits can cover you for 1-2 years? That is why they dont answer you or they tell you that they will order parts from factory for you, and then 2 month later, nothing happen. Customers are telling us this kind of story every day desperately looking for help. We wish we could be a help, but different bikes have different parts, even some parts are universal, but some parts are unique.

6.In order to make remarkably competitive on price, Chinese manufactures profit is very thin which make them cannot offer any warranty for importers. In another words, you have to buy all the parts preparing for your service. Doing parts is a hard job which you have to invest a lot of money and consume a great deal of time by technician. That is the reason only a few importers are really doing parts!

7,Buying BMW or Honda, all warranty has been paid by you when you buy it. We are honest company, we are telling you all truth, you may disagree with us with a lot of should, but as matter of fact you can not buy these Chinese made bikes with very low price and getting BMW service, which doesnt happen this way. What we are offering is realistic service: you know when you need parts you can easily get from us as long as this is our bikes, it doesnt matter you directly bought from us or from our dealers or your friends!


Our business is solely scooters business. We are the experts in scooter business. We have a full trained staff to answer any questions that you may have concerning your purchase of a new scooter and shooting the problems you may have. We know what we are talking about.



Recently we have found some companies copy the pictures and text, especially from the scooter parts section of this website without our permission, these are copyrighted materials, and we reserve the right, at our discretion, to take necessary legal action against copyright infringement on this site!

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