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Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How can I pay for my scooter?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and DISCOVER.
PayPal: Please make payment to at PayPal.
We also accept money order and certified check.
Bank Wire (T/T): Please contact us for bank information.

2.       How can I find a scooter or part in your website?
You may first brose our website based on the scooter and part categories.
Also on the left side of our webpage, under the category menu, there is a search area.
If you know the SKU number, you could search by SKU (top box).
If you want to check scooters or parts in certain price range, you can specify the price range (2nd box).
If you know the scooter name, or specific keyword describing the scooter, you can put into keyword box to search (3rd box).
Or you can simply choose your category in the bottom box.

3.       Are there taxes on my scooter purchase?
New Jersey State residents will have 7% sales tax added to the price of their scooter purchase.
Residents of other states will not be charged sales tax for their online scooter purchases.
For wholesaler we need your vendor license to waive the tax.

4.       Why are your prices so much lower than other company?
We are an importer of scooters. We do OEM and ODM with manufacturers. No distributors between our customers and us. When we chose our scooters, we only deal with best manufacturers with good reputations. The quality of the scooters is our priority. Also we chose the manufactures, willing to work with our customers feedback to improve their products. We are here not only selling the scooters to our valued customers, but offer the best service. We are running serious business and we are proud of ourselves!

5.       Are the scooters street legal?.For mini motorcycle, since scooter laws vary from state to state, we recommend that you contact your states Department of Motor Vehicles and legislature to see what scooter laws you must follow before purchasing your scooter. For DOT approved scooter, they are street legal.

6.       How hard is it to assemble my new scooter?
Most of our bikes are 95% assembled. In order to ship your scooter, it has to be crated in the box. For street legal DOT scooter, it has to be assembled by your local motorcycle technician and prep it for you.

7.       Do you sell used scooters?
No. We only sell new scooters

8.       Do you take trade-ins?
No. We do not accept trade-ins

9.       What kind accessories I will get?
Usually scooter comes with tool kit, charger if it is needed. Two stroke gas scooters come with fuel mixing bottle to help you make correct ratio for gas. Some scooters come with free helmet, some doesnt, it depends on model of bike.

10.   What is the difference between chain-driven and belt-driven transmission?
Chain-driven transmission is more rugged than traditional belt-driven transmission, so it can handle all terrain scooters riding.

11.   What is the difference between a gas scooter and a gas powerboard?
A gas powerboard has a wider deck and a lighter frame than a regular gas scooter in order to be used for racing and trick riding.

12.   Where can I fill up my gas scooter?
You can fill up your gas scooter with regular unleaded gasoline at any gas station and two-cycle engine oil is available at motorcycle and scooter shops across the nation. For 4-stroke scooters, you just use pure unleaded gas, please dont add two-cycle oil.

13.   How much will the delivery cost and how long will the shipping take?
We are using Old Dominion Freight Line and Estes Express to ship your scooters. After your order has been processed, it usually takes 24 Hrs to ship the scooters out. We will routinely advise you tracking number in order for you to track it. Our free shipping is to freight line terminal or a business address in most of states we have marked on our free shipping zone, other states we do discount shipping, customer cover a small portion we cover most of it.

14.   Can I always get the color I order?
Usually when you order we recommend you choose a primary and secondary color, if we still cannot satisfy your order, we wont pick up color without your consent.
You will be contacted before we process your order.

15.   What is your sales policy?
It is very important for you to read our sales policy before placing an order on our website. Once you send your order, we assume that you have agreed on our policy.

16.   Do you sell any scooter parts?
Yes. We carry a lot of scooter parts. If you are still not sure, feel free to call us. We will assistant you to find parts you need.

17.   Do I get discount if I order more than one, what's your wholesale price if I am a dealer?
We do offer discount for those who order more than one, please contact us. You also can register on our website to get whole sale price list.

18.   Do you repair scooters brought from other sellers?
No. We only repair the scooters we sold.


Recently we have found some companies copy the pictures and text, especially from the scooter parts section of this website without our permission, these are copyrighted materials, and we reserve the right, at our discretion, to take necessary legal action against copyright infringement on this site!

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